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How a treasury can make or break your DAO

· 3 min read

The unsexy world of accounting just got a makeover

Okay, no one has ever woken up with a great business or non-profit idea and screamed, “Eureka! I can’t wait to get started on my accounting!” We get it. You have a passion, and it’s probably not in making an accounts payable/receivable department.

But here’s the thing: how your DAO, business or non-profit treats its capital is absolutely an essential factor to its long-term success. Ironically, decisions around precisely these kinds of mechanisms, that lead to long-term success, tend to be back-burner relegated in the creation process of a new project. With Juicebox: not anymore.

What’s the big deal about a programmable treasury, anyways?

This is an excellent question, and one that everyone should be asking themselves. Let’s pitch it this way: you know how a business usually has at least one person who does the accounting? That person tracks who gets paid, where maintenance fees go, they print checks and keep records, determine and execute changes in pay structure, on top of a bunch of other things?

Well imagine if you could save yourself that salary, and get complete control over the decision making of that department, without having to give yourself a crash course in accounting. That’s what the Juicebox programmable treasury delivers. It allows you to easily set payouts, determine where new funds go, how they are connected to tokens which, by the way, are also minted at your discretion. It puts all that power in your hands, without asking you to take on another full-time job, or pay out another full-time salary, saving you capital when you need it most.

Keeping your passion where it belongs

The Juicebox programmable treasury comes with a full suite of tooling that is easy to use and implement. It allows you to set your project up in a way that suits your needs. Importantly, it also allows you to keep your passion and inspiration on the thing that matters most: your project. No other web3 creation platform has the kind of functionality and fidelity of tooling that Juicebox offers, nor does any other platform have such a rich online community ready to help project creators every step of the way. The onboarding process at Juicebox is thorough and meant to help you make actual your project idea to ensure the greatest chance of future success. Come say hi or just hang, we’d love to meet you.

Read to get your hands dirty? We got you.

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