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Juicebox, the token minting powerhouse

· 3 min read

A minting platform unlike any other

Juicebox is a web3 service that lets you launch your project, mint tokens, control your payouts and treasury, and track growth over time, all while giving your contributors the the chance to partake in governance and have a voice in the organization. Are you starting a web3 business and you need to track your accounts payable/receivable? Juicebox can do that. Are you starting a nonprofit where you want to reward members with tokens for governance and participation? Juicebox can do that, too. Don’t quite know what you want to create, but you know you want a project that executes on-chain and has more tooling than anybody else in the game? Juicebox has you covered.

There are few web3 platforms out there that can help you create your own project and DAO, but none of them can do it with the ease and tooling that Juicebox can. Juicebox provides users with a platform to raise money, either as a one-time or on a recurring basis, all while also offering a suit of tokenomics tooling and token minting. If you don’t want tokens, no problem, you can use Juicebox like a simple programmable treasury to track donations, payments, profits (or “overflow” as you’ll come to learn), in a transparent and honest way. The days of opaque bookkeeping where contributors have to wonder exactly how their donations are spent are over.

Juicebox can be the backbone of a local school PTA tracking funds in and out, or it can (and has!) run multi-million dollar operations. It scales effortlessly and gives you tooling to create rich token-based voting economies, as well.

Perhaps most unique is Juicebox’s approach to what it calls “overflow”, which is money raised above your target amount. This money, which otherwise may be called “profit” and traditionally may go to executive payrolls or reinvestment, sits in a treasury and can be claimed by any holders of your token. The proportional claim of the treasury a token holder receives is completely set by you using a variety of tooling, and it incentivizes anyone participating in your project to want to see its success. It’s a great way to build a mission-aligned team and, should your project find success, it’s a way to effortlessly, transparently, and efficiently reward your team members and contributors.

Want more? Come check us out at, and swing by our discord and say hello. Starting a project? Check out our blog and web3 literacy center, Juicebox High. Starting a DAO? Check out our DAOlicious tips for starting your first DAO!