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Juicebox helps people confidently run programmable and community funded treasuries from startup to scale, openly on Ethereum.

The Juicebox protocol is a framework for funding and operating projects openly on Ethereum. Its contracts allow communities to create treasuries which can issue tokens for community membership, receive funds, and configure funding cycles to transparently utilize those funds—all in powerfully customizable ways.

Juicebox treasuries can evolve over time, allowing people to launch open-ended projects and to adjust constraints, extensions, and incentives over time as needed. The protocol is light enough for a group of friends, yet powerful enough for a global network of anons sharing thousands of ETH, ERC-20s, or other assets.

If you are interested in building a project on Juicebox, visit To learn how you can configure your project, read the Project Creation Guide. If you have questions, join the Juicebox Discord.

The Juicebox protocol is built and maintained by Juicebox DAO.