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Make Your Juicebox Project


Juicebox lets you launch an Ethereum-based treasury for your project, and evolve its rules over time.

Launch Your Project

All you need to get started is an Ethereum wallet and some ETH to cover gas fees. You can get a free Ethereum wallet and buy ETH with MetaMask or Coinbase.

Start by connecting your wallet to and clicking Launch your project. You can enter information on the left side of your screen—the right side is a preview. The NFT which represents your project will be minted to your wallet once you create your project. You can send this NFT to a multisig or another address if you would like to transfer your project's ownership.

Learn about configuring your project here →


Consider creating a test project on the Goerli testnet version of Juicebox before creating a mainnet project. If you need help deciding how to configure your project, ask in the Juicebox DAO Discord.

Video Guides

How to Fund Your Project With Juicebox (2022)

Launch your project in 5 minutes. Worry about the details later.

Detailed project configuration guide.