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Other Tools


Aeolian's DAO Tooling 101 is another great resource for project creators.

  • The juice-tools repo contains assets, embeds, and tools for project creators making their own websites!


  • etherscan is a browser-based tool for Ethereum blockchain querying.

  • Bitquery Explorer is a tool for visual analysis and mapping of blockchain data.

Dune Dashboards

Items in this section were made using Dune, a powerful tool to query, extract, and visualize blockchain data. Twodam is Juicebox's in-house Dune wizard.


  • Snapshot is an offchain governance tool that enables user-friendly and gasless (free) voting. Used by many Juicebox projects, including Juicebox DAO itself.

  • Gnosis Safe is a platform for securely managing digital assets. Add to your Apps to securely manage a Juicebox project in Gnosis Safe.

  • Nance is a powerful governance tool created by jigglyjams. Juicebox DAO uses Nance to coordinate and automate governance across Notion, Snapshot, and Discord.

  • Aeolian's Snapshot Analytics is a high-density tool for seeing the current status of Snapshot votes. For now, this dashboard only works with Juicebox DAO governance. Visit the repo to fork!

  • Tally empowers user owned governance through a voting dashboard, governance tooling, real time research and analysis, and an evergreen wiki.

  • Aragon provides a suite of tools for onchain and offchain governance, dispute resolution, and DAO management.

  • sesh is a Discord bot which can be used for polls and event scheduling.


  • Docusaurus is a static site generator with MDX and React support, primarily built for documentation and blogs. This website is powered by Docusaurus!

  • GitBook is a markdown-based static site generator built for documentation. Comes with a no-code editor and a GitHub bot.

  • Notion is a markdown-based all-in-one workspace tool. The Juicebox Notion is used as a multi-purpose workspace and governance resource.


  • Discord and Twitter are often cited as the most popular communication tools in crypto communities.

  • Matrix is an open network for secure, decentralized communication. List of popular clients here.

  • XMPP is a set of open technologies for instant messaging, presence, multi-party chat, voice and video calls, collaboration, lightweight middleware, content syndication, and generalized routing of XML data. List of popular clients here.

  • Jitsi is secure video conferencing solution used by many DAOs. Jitsi Meet is a free online client with e2e encryption, screen sharing, and integration with popular scheduling software.

  • Discourse is an open source forum tool used by a number of Juicebox projects (including AssangeDAO).


  • Peel is a DAO of immensely talented frontend devs. Peel DAO's contributors are the masterminds behind

  • WAGMI Studios is a collective of quirky creatives behind Juicebox DAO's visual identity. WAGMI Studios' contributors are masters of storytelling, visual art, and animation.

  • CanuDAO is a team of talented builders focused on communication, community management, and automation for DAOs.

  • Lexicon Devils is a collective architecting hyperverse experiences in Cryptovoxels and Substrata. Lexicon Devils is behind the magical Juicebox Lounge and orchestrate its many live events, metaverse parties, and DJ sets.